Why Did I Write My First Chapter of Gunny Mac Like I Did?

Why Did I Write My First Chapter of Gunny Mac Like I Did?

What Was the Purpose of My First Chapter?





My first chapter was designed to do the following:

Introduce my main character Gunny Mac and his best friend Gunny Wojohowitz

Introduce the reader to the setting (Guadalcanal and Hawaii).



Introduce the reader to the bravery and character of Gunny Mac

Introduce the reader to how Gunny Mac was injured and why he had to get a medical discharge.

Introduce the reader to the fact that the First Marines Division on Guadalcanal might be defeated.

Scene (1) Edson thinks Gunny Mac is dead but finds him alive and gets him medical help.

Scene (2) Gunny Mac gets airlifted to an aircraft carrier and is transferred to the Naval hospital at Pearl. Designed this scene to get Mac to Honolulu and introduce the reader to Seadog and Nurse Lt. Van Deer.

Each chapter and scene has a purpose to drive the story forward. Each chapter and scene has a beginning, middle, and end. My first chapter is rather long for my novels. It is twelve pages long but I wrote to accomplish many things and introduce three important characters. I also wrote it so people would know exactly how tough Gunny Mac is and how he reacts to combat.

Beginning of Chapter 1: This shows how desperate the situation on Guadalcanal was.

Middle: Shows the reader how tough the fight for Edson’s Ridge was and the heroic exploits of Gunny Mac and introduces Gunny Wojo Mac’s best friend.

Ending: Mac appears dead but is found alive by Col.Edson and flown to an aircraft carrier for treatment. The ending… introduces LT. Van Deer and Seadog and the fact Mac is barely alive in the hospital. He still may die.

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