You Must Know How a Novel Is Put Together

Many people ask me if its important to have a college degree in order to write a novel…of course not! You do not have to have a MFA in Creative Writing to write creatively.

What you must do and be willing to do is learn how to write a novel using the rules of your genre. You must  have a grasp on grammar rules and how to use those rules properly. I had  much of the background most people consider needed to be a writer and it took me five years to finish my novel. I fumbled around because I decided to start writing a novel without the knowledge needed to start and finish my novel. I meandered all over the map and wasted at least three years. Then I spent fifty bucks and went to a writers conference and met Larry Brooks. He changed my writing life. He is my hero!

I want to tell you that there is a plan all fiction stories must follow according to the genre you are writing in. No this will not impinge on your creativity, but enhance it. You must understand in simple terms you are:

The Architect and Builder of your Novel.

What does that mean? Let me explain it to you using this example. Let’s say you are constructing a new home. (A writer Constructs a novel). An architect designs a home to the owners vision of how the home will look and their comfort; that it adheres to zoning regulations and building codes, material specifications, types of material, and placement. He also designs plans so the builder knows what to build and how to build it. Built wrong, the home will have to be torn down and constructed correctly at a great cost and waste of time. Once the plans are complete the builder can build a quality home to the satisfaction of the owner. You see the architect and builder must satisfy the customer who is paying for this. A writer must write a book that pleases the reader who buys the book and is the customer. You would not want the architect and builder to think they work for themselves and hell what the customer needs and wants would you?

So…the architect designs the building and makes plans.

So…the writer as an architect uses concept and Premise as his beginning foundation to design his book in a particular genre.

So…the builder takes the plans and builds the home.

So… the writer then uses the same plans that every successful author uses to write their book.

We will go into detail on how to use your plan for your genre. You must realize that you do not have to design the plans they are all ready there; complete and ready to go. You  have to learn how to read and understand the parts of the plan. This will not ruin your creative process but enhance it.