So you want to be a Writer? Answer Nine Questions

So you want to be a Writer? Answer Nine Questions

A New Writer Must Answer Nine Questions


Millions of people have written millions of books, some good, some bad. I have paid good money to buy books and I quit reading them after twenty pages, no big deal. These books were published by big names and big publishing companies and they were lousy. Your book is just as good or better!

I will guide you through three phases: Construction of a novel, writing a novel, and marketing a novel. Have fun.

So before I begin, I would like to set some ground rules. 

How long will it take me to write my novel?

Rome wasn’t built in a day…either will your novel. It probably will take a year or more. My first novel took five years to write.

How much time will it take to write my novel?

I wrote while employed and time was as scarce as hen’s teeth. No whining about how hard your life is. Set a schedule when and where to write. In the beginning, I recommend two hours a day and build it up until you are tired or unproductive.

How do I start writing my novel?

You don’t just start writing the great American novel. That is plain stupid. You need a map, a compass, and knowledge. I will show you how to map out your novel, head you in the right direction and impart some knowledge.

What must I have to be a novel writer?

You must have a passion to learn how to write a novel. It is a learning experience…enjoy it.


What will I cover in my posts?


The First Phase. The construction of a Novel

The first phase I will cover is the Construction Phase. A novel is constructed just like a house. A writer is like an architect…you must know the rules of designing. A writer is also a builder and cannot build without blueprints. A writer has to do both. I will cover Concept and Premise, Chapter construction, Scene construction, the Stages of a fiction novel, Plotting, the Logic of construction.

The Second Phase. The Writing of a Novel.

The second phase will cover, grammar, pronoun usage, dialogue, punctuation, showing versus telling, paragraph usage, editing, and much more.

The Third Phase will cover Marketing

Should I self publish? Cover selection? Editing? Formatting? Selecting the proper aggregator for self-publishing? How to market your paperback, ebook, or audiobook. Costs associated with self-publishing. marketing services available. Cost?


Cost of self-publishing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It takes money to write a novel. Sorry to have to tell you that, but it is true. So if you don’t have any money work and save some up. My first novel cost about $5,000. I will go into the costs in a later post.

Ego: Say No to being a Narcissist 

Keep your ego in check. Someone asked me with an excited voice…”How does it feel to be a published author? I said it felt just like mowing my five acres…tired, but content. Just like I felt after an infamous Marine Corp forced march of twenty miles in 3.5 hours, tired but glad I didn’t fall out. Be proud for a few seconds and get back to writing.

Learn to Love Criticism

Learn to take criticism…accept criticism…thank people who criticize you…smile and beg people to criticize you. if you don’t like criticism go do something else.

Life is unfair…get used to it!

I grew up in a tough atmosphere for a kid so I just smile when I hear people carry on how unfair life is…that may be true but you just have to learn to be the referee. You make the rules to live by…you chart out your course…you work harder than anyone around you…when you get knocked down smile and get back on your feet. Keep your faith in God above all else because truly you will never be alone. Never harden your heart…live a life that revolves around helping people. We are not really happy until we achieve and overcome events in life. That is how God made us.

Why do you write?

Its a good idea to know why you write. For fun, to make a point, to make money, to write a series, for fame? Why do you write?


Let’s get started and learn all we can. I’m far from an expert but I have learned much I will share with anybody who has a dream.

Feel free to contact me I will always answer back and help you. That’s just the way I am.